PowerCARD Users Club

An introduction of the platform adopted by the User Club in the spirit of maintaining and evolving client/partner relationships, with the underlying hope of creating a multi-channel communication outlet to foster a PowerCARD sense of community.

PowerCARD Today

An overview of what PowerCARD has become today, enumerating the different changes enacted at the wake of this gathering’s 2017 Edition, along with the different product enhancements and ensuing achievements during these last two years.

New trends in the payment arena

Understanding the crucial nature of our Industry’s volatility, Experts and seasoned analysts will be decorticating the present Payment Trends, analyzing the trends and their effects on all actors of our ecosystem.

Preparing for a mobile-first payments landscape

Mobile Payment, driven by the new age of Digitalization, has seen exponential growth and has been met with matching regulation and infrastructure upgrades. This session hopes to bring about the understanding of the overall technology and implications-of-use as a first layer, and as a second layer the analysis of the attractiveness of Mobile Payment through the exploration of relevant case studies.

Exploring current opportunities and challenges: regional focus

Taking HPS’ own structure as case study, this session aims to clarify the different opportunities and challenges that arise in our Industry under the influence of geo-economic factors. Through its presence in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Americas, and Africa, this will be HPS’ view and understanding of the opportunities and challenges tied to the global payments landscape.

Unifying your business with PowerCARD

In an industry that values efficiency like no other, delivering payment services becomes governed by the “more for less” specification. It is in those lines that this session reviews PowerCARD as a Single Technology Platform, assessing the perks and implications of the technology through notable case studies.

Embracing the Open Banking Era with APIs

With the industry finding itself being driven to open access, market players are now forced to consider the challenges Open Banking brings forth and to learn how to embrace the change to maximize opportunities. This session will delve into these challenges and discuss the most effective way to capitalize on this present era of Open Banking: APIs.

Being Digital Today

Digitalization, since its introduction to the Payments Industry, has completely reshaped and transformed the ecosystem whether in terms of players, channels, or means. A wave that has yet to break, digitalization ushers in a great age of opportunities and challenges that this session will be thoroughly exploring.

Security and regulation in a 24/7 world

At the wake of the tectonic shift that occurred in the industry, caused by the birth of new technologies and regulations, Security has become of even greater cruciality. This session will discuss the efforts of adapting Security to the transformations of Payments, and to the new regulations (GDPR, PSD2 …).


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